Ways To Improve Your English Language Skills

There are four language skills that we need to develop for complete communication and they are listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Step 1- Work on Your Resume

Build your resume on the job you want and are looking for. Be specific and stick to the point.

In order to speak better english and master these skills you need to make the language a priority. Surround yourself with English by speaking it more frequently and making it a part of your everyday life. Speak the language as often as you can; at your home, work and in your free time.

Here in this article you can find a few tips and tricks on how you can improve your english language skills.

Remember, practice makes perfect. in order to perfect anything you have to practice and the same thing applies here as well. Make it a point to set aside some time everyday to perfect your english language speaking skills.


Listening ensures and helps a person's accuracy and understanding. It is a key part in learning english or any foreign language. In order to improve your ability to speak english you have to first learn how to perfect the art of listening. Few ways you can improve you listening ability is by doing the following:

Listen to music in English and pay attention to the lyrics of the song. This is one way you can improve your listening skill.

Watch movies as well. If you are not able to understand the language you can watch it with subtitles and when you are comfortable, without them.

English speaking communities organise many plays and exhibitions. Attend events such as these will help you build a network of more english speaking people causing you to be more exposed to the language.


Speaking is one part of any language that takes time to learn. but once you get the hang of it, there are several ways you can improve. Talk to as many people as you can even if you just know the basics. This is very important as you will be able to get a broader aspect of things and it will help with the improvement of your vocabulary. Make use of technology and join voice chats and also talk and record yourself. This helps as you can go back and listen to it and become better.


Development of this skill takes time as your brain has to develop and learn how to attach meaning to the words, phrases and expressions represented by symbols, plus get to understand the grammar and structure of the language used in the passage to read.Focus on reading books and articles on the internet. Start with easy books and then move on to harder ones. Read the newspaper frequently and magazines as well.


Even though it may be intimidating to a lot of people, anyone can get used to writing with a little discipline and a willingness to learn. Keep writing down words and expressions. This helps a lot as you will be able retain it for a longer period of time. Keep a dairy you can write all these sentences in. Also try writing small and simple blogs and then progressively make them bigger and more complex.

All the above mentioned tips can be reduced to just one: PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!! Whatever learning style you have, whatever your native language is, the key to acquire and master a foreign language is PRACTICE it as much and as often as possible.